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About Per Mariam

Per Mariam has been set up as a resource to offer readers reliable and informed news and analysis about the Holy See, the Catholic Church, as well as highlighting the wealth of the Church’s spiritual writings. Whether through straight news pieces, or more in-depth analysis essays, Per Mariam aims to inform readers clearly and honestly about matters pertaining to the Catholic Church while defending the Church’s unchanging teaching and timeless Tradition, all in a spirit of unity and service to the Church and Christ who is Truth.

Brief bio

Per Mariam was established by Catholic journalist Michael Haynes. Working as a journalist since 2020, he has been based in Rome as a member of the Holy See press corps since 2022, serving as Snr. Vatican correspondent for With a background in theology and philosophy, to date he has written over 1,400 articles, chiefly concentrating on news pertaining to the Catholic Church and especially on the Vatican.

He regularly writes for the American TFP, and his writings have been also published by Calx Maria, Catholic Family News, Gregorius Magnus, while also being translated into a number of languages and reprinted widely.

Alongside his journalism, he has has published books on spirituality, Mariology (Mary the Motherly Co-Redemptrix), and apologetics (A Catechism of Errors.) 

Certain reporting highlights include:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem says ‘I have to do all that is possible to save my people’ May 1, 2024.

  2. EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Parolin confirms Vatican aims to renew secretive deal with China this year Apr 23, 2024.

  3. EXCLUSIVE: Vatican liturgy office denies Rupnik is still a consulting member April 18, 2024.

  4. EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Müller joins calls for US bishops to excommunicate Biden March 28, 2024.

  5. EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Müller calls Pope Francis’ homosexual ‘blessings’ an attack on marriage March 26, 2024.

  6. EXCLUSIVE: Atheist Mariana Mazzucato defends Pontifical Academy for Life membership, downplays abortion February 12, 2024

  7. EXCLUSIVE: Pope Francis defends restrictions on Latin Mass – ‘Read the motu proprio’ January 22, 2024.

  8. Archbishop Viganò: Cdl Fernández’s defense of Fiducia Supplicans shows his ‘manifest heresy’ January 6, 2024.

  9. EXCLUSIVE: Synod document contains ‘blueprint for a new Church,’ theologian warns November 22, 2023.

  10. EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal says reports he is changing rules for electing new pope are ‘absolutely false’ November 6, 2023. 

  11. EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Fernández says blessings are for ‘every’ person in ‘every situation’ October 19, 2023.

  12. EXCLUSIVE: Incoming Hong Kong cardinal highlights ‘dialogue’ between Vatican and Communist China September 28, 2023.

  13. Theologians warn Archbishop Fernández pushing ‘heresy’ by promoting Amoris Laetitia September 18, 2023

  14. EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Müller reacts to Pope Francis’ new appointment to Vatican’s Doctrine chief July 4, 2023. 

  15. EXCLUSIVE: Vatican dicastery denies involvement with rumored document crushing traditional seminaries April 5, 2023.

  16. EXCLUSIVE: Bp. Schneider warns ‘ecological conversion,’ ecumenism ‘undermine’ Catholic teaching  February 27, 2023. AND PART TWO  — — EXCLUSIVE: Bp. Schneider says Synod on Synodality serves up ‘spiritual poisons’ to the faithful  February 28, 2023. (VIDEO of interview)

  17. Cdl. Roche’s attempt to further restrict Latin Mass violates Church law: canon lawyers February 13, 2023.

  18. Scholars refute Cdl. Roche’s claim that devotion to Latin Mass is ‘more Protestant than Catholic’ September 1, 2022

Michael Haynes meeting Pope Francis in January 2024, during which he questioned the Pontiff about restrictions on the traditional Mass.

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Michael Haynes is a Catholic journalist, based in Rome as part of the Holy See press corps since 2022. He serves as lead Vatican correspondent for LifeSiteNews, and has published books on Mariology, Catholic spirituality, and apologetics.